Set top box glitch angers ZICTA

Set top box

The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has given MultiChoice Zambia until close of business Friday 26 June to resolve the problem of defective set top boxes, failing which it will face sanctions.

This was confirmed by ZICTA Acting director General Thomas Malama.


Zambian customers are believed to be experiencing problems with the new free-to-air set top boxes being sold by MultiChoice and its partner in digital migration project, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).


The boxes are being sold by the two companies at Zampost outlets throughout the country for ZMK130 (approximately US$18).

However, while Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) director general Richard Mwanza confirmed there is a software issue with one of the two set top box models available, he urged consumers to be patient. “We urge customers who have bought model 426 to switch them off and allow for a system upgrade, because engineers are working around the clock to ensure that the system is upgraded.”


He said members of the public should not panic due to failure to access the free-to-air channels through the digital decoders because the analogue system is still running.

Zambia has installed dual cast transmitters along the line of rail so that people can still access ZNBC channels even without decoders as the country moves to connect other areas, including provincial towns and centres, to digital broadcasting.


The sale of set top boxes, which are used to decode signals to digital, has also experienced an issue with branding. Customers have complained about boxes being branded MutiChoice or GO TV – there is a demand for these devices to be branded ZNBC.

Last month, ZNBC public relations manager Masuzyo Ndhlovu told the nation that the boxes that were left at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport would be sent back to South Africa for rebranding.

The Zambian government owns 49% shares in MultiChoice Zambia.

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  1. ask yo znbc/govt spare multichoice,go ahead ZICTA enforce those sanctions and u will reverse them faster than u will enforce them coz yo GRZ knows tge truth