President Lungu arrives in Mfuwe

President Lungu on arrival at Mfuwe International Airport from Mozambique where he attended that Country's 40th Independence Celebrations. This was on June 26,2015 -Picture by EDDIE MWANALEZA

President Edgar Lungu has arrived in Mambwe district from Mozambique to drum up support for the PF candidate Jacob Shuma in the forthcoming by- elections billed for 30th of the month.

And President Lungu said he will run the country in accordance with the constitution adding that he will not change the constitution to perpetuate his stay in office until 2022.

The President said it was not true that he was behind those calling for the deferment of the elections   noting that those advocating for that are scared to face him  in the 2016 elections.

Mr. Lungu was accompanied by first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, daughter, Tasila and State house aides and was welcomed by provincial minister Malozo Sichone, Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Youth Minister Vincent Mwale, Provincial Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo among other senior government and party officials.

President Lungu said Zambians should embrace the slogan of one Zambia one Zambia as it was unifying virtue adding that he was proud to be Zambian.

The President observed that tribalism and regionalism has no agenda in his administration for he stands for a unified nation.

He said he will take development to all parts of the country adding that he will not look at any tribe when discharging his functions as Republican President as his leadership is anchored on promoting peace and unity.

The President also reminded the people to vote for the candidate of their choice because Zambia was a democratic country which allows its citizens to vote freely.


He also cautioned the people that Zambia being a democratic nation he also had the right to work with people he knows would meet the aspirations of Zambians in terms of development.

He however reminded them that it would be wise to vote for his preferred candidate as it will be easy for the latter to approach him in the delivery of development.

The President who was in high spirits also made the crowd cheer when he told them the  first republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda had left UNIP and joined the Patriotic Front(PF) because of the massive infrastructure development the country has witnessed.

Meanwhile, addressing a series of rallies in Msoro, Jumbe, Masumba and cropping areas, President Lungu urged the PF candidate to keep his promises to the electorate as he is doing or risk the consequence of not being picked in the 2016 elections.

The President also lamented the underdevelopment in Mambwe district despite the area having a lot of potential to feed itself.

He said he was aware of the problems the people of Malambo were passing through especially that he once served in the office of the Vice President as a Deputy Minister.

He also said government will engage companies involved in the buying of cotton so that farmers are paid well for their toil.

President Lungu advised the PF candidate to get to serious work once voted into office because his administration was in a hurry to take development to rural areas.
Mr. Lungu also said that his government was keen to revamp the cooperatives and will soon put up over 4,000 milling companies across the country through the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) which has already acquired $20millon counterpart funding for the same.