I’d rather be a PF cadre – Katele

Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba
Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba

Sub-Chief Natende of the Bwile people of Chiengi District, Katele Kalumba has described critics that have referred to him as a PF cadre as imitations of English golems.
Sub-Chief Natende says he would rather be a Northern PF cadre, as he has been said to be, than an imitation of an English golem whose brain is only a fraction of single cell species’ brain.

He has told Qfm News by telephone that the imitation of an English golem whose brain he has described refers to a person who does not think being regionalist is against the country’s Motto of One Zambia One Nation.

Sub-Chief Natende states that such a person is also whom he thinks does not understand that being elitist misses the sentiments of the grassroots.

He is of the view that the ordinary Zambians that he lives with in his home Village understand what is going on much better than the very educated Zambians who believe they know everything and cannot be advised by anyone.

The traditional leader states that this is why he is not apologetic to anyone over his decision to support the ruling PF because he has made the decision based on principle.

He says the ruling PF and President Edgar Lungu as its leader have started demonstrating their commitment to grassroots politics.




  1. why should u insult him now coz when he supported u,u were busy praising him now yaba backwards reasoning up and down party

  2. Recycled politicians..b****..what a f*** stop mis-leading youths..Am crying for mother Zambia..his mind is old and tired…and Sub-Chief who ever you are if u want to join politics surrender the chiefdomship to someone else. If you don’t want to surrender..then My advise is,be neutral.

  3. Go ahead ur time ended in 1990s we want 4 once principled upnd members those who will stand on principles not today forward tomorrow pasenla.

  4. Shem to a person of your caribre not to see our sufferings…. Plz look back ba katele and visionalise…

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