Parliament Radio to feature MP’s on its new program

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Parliament Radio will be running a programme aimed at giving parliamentarians an opportunity to discuss various developmental projects that are going on in their constituencies.


Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini announced in parliament today that Members of Parliament wanting to feature on the programme should submit their details as soon as possible.


Dr Matibini said the programme is essential as it will enable parliamentarians interact with their electorates.


He said members of the public will also be accorded an opportunity to know what is happening in various parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Finance Deputy Minister Christopher Mvunga has told the house that no loss was incurred at Nakonde Border Post when it was closed for renovation purposes in March this year.


Mr Mvunga said delays in collecting revenue were caused further stating that the development did not lead to monetary loss.


He was responding to PF Nakonde MP Abel Sichula who demanded that the house be told weather any loss was incurred at the Border Post.



  1. Its most likely MPs from the opposition will be sidelined in preference to those from the ruling party.