Govt spends K2,246,547 on Dr Kaseba’s accommodation

Dr. Christine Mwelwa Kaseba
Dr. Christine Mwelwa Kaseba

Government has paid Reedbuck Lodge in Lusaka’s Kabulonga suburb a total of K2,246,547 for full board and lodging for Dr Kaseba and her family up to June 30, this year, while awaiting permanent accommodation.

Government has regretted the eviction of former First Lady, Christine Kaseba Sata, from the lodge she and her family were occupying in Kabulonga when they left statehouse.

Chief Government spokesperson, Chishimba Kambwili, said it was not government’s intention to see Mrs Sata evicted by the proprietors of the lodge which was being rented by government for the Sata family.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister apologized to the First Lady and the Sata family for the inconvenience that has been caused to her.

‘’ As government, it was not intentional to embarrass the former first lady. It is the responsibility of government to find a house for the first lady of the late President,’’ Mr. Kambwili said.

He added that it was not fair to treat senior citizens in the manner the owner of the lodge allegedly directly went to the former first lady and told her to vacate the residence.

Mr. Kambwili hoped that the proprietors did not do that to embarrass government, adding that, the Sata family held a very special place to the Patriotic Front-PF party because former President Michael Sata was the founder of the organisation.

He said there was no way government would neglect payment of rentals resulting into the eviction of the former first lady from the lodge.

‘’To the Sata family we say sorry and government will make sure that it quickly looks for another house,’’ Mr. Kambwili said.