Bar owners cautioned over operating hours & age limit

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The Kalulushi Municipal Council is concerned about the continued disregard of operating hours and age limits of patrons accessing bars and taverns in the district.

This came to light yesterday during a full Council meeting held in the Council Chamber.

ZANIS reports Council Public Relations Manager Beauty Undi confirmed in an interview today that the Councillors expressed concern that the majority of bar and tavern owners in the district are violating the stipulated time of opening and closing their drinking places.


Ms Undi said the meeting also discussed the growing trend by bar and tavern owners that are failing to adhere to the restriction on the age limit of patrons.

He said most Councillors advanced their complaints to the Council saying the situation was a public nuisance that could warrant a proprietor have their licence revoked.


She further said that the bar and tavern Act clearly stipulated that such premises  should open at 10:00 hours in the morning and close at 22:00 hours in the evening to avoid interrupting the general public.