Traditional healer testfies in murder trial

Lusaka High Court

A TRADITIONAL healer from Pemba in Southern Province has narrated in the court how he was approached by a Mumbwa man seeking spiritual cleansing after he allegedly murdered his wife.
Hamalambo Hachulu said he was approached by Best Hangala, who was appearing in court for the murder of his wife, Melinda Mulimbanyika.

The matter was before High Court Judge-in-charge Dominic Sichinga.
Mr Hachulu said during examination-in-chief by State advocate Maybin Mulenga that the accused claimed he was being haunted by some spirit and wanted to be cleansed.

“He (the accused) told me that after realizing that his wife was dead, he attempted to tie a rope around her neck, so that he could hang her to a tree, to make it look as though it was suicide but too many people had already arrived at the scene,” Mr Hachulu said.

He said that Hangala explained that he was married to two wives and following the death of one of them, he bolted to seek help.
After hearing the confession, Mr Hachulu alerted police, who later apprehended the suspect.

Times of Zambia