Law to require display of insurance discs

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GOVERNMENT has issued a Statutory Instrument (SI) to compel motorists to display insurance and security discs on vehicles.
According to SI number 33 of 2015 dated June 12, 2015 and entitled: “The Road Traffic (Certificates of Security and Insurance) (Display) Regulations, 2015, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga signed the law on June 8.

The regulation shall come into operation on the expiration of a period of 30 days after the date on which it has been published in the gazette.
“A disc shall be displayed on a motor vehicle or trailer in a manner that ensures that the disc is easily distinguishable and clearly visible at all times, and does not become defaced,” the SI reads in part.

The SI further states that an insurer shall, when issuing a certificate of insurance to an insured person, issue a disc in the form set out by Government.
The SI also says a person who contravenes the regulation commits an offence and is liable to conviction.

Some of the features on the disc will include make and model of the vehicle, chassis number and town of issue.
And Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Richwell Siamunene explained in an interview that the move is aimed at safe-guarding people’s lives.

Mr Siamunene said the insurance sector will be strengthened and insurance companies will improve service delivery when the new law comes into effect.
“Most accident victims have had problems in being compensated and this move will help reduce on such incidences. We want to secure the travelling public,” he said.

And Mr Mukanga also issued two more SIs, to regulate the weight of vehicles on roads and another on the Zambia Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Act.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. There is already a provision of the law under the Road Traffic Act on the same thing. Nothing new just enforcement mechanisms lacking.

  2. The law should provide for typing the details instead of writing by hand because the pen ink fades completely when exposed to the sun.

  3. & u shud warn all insurance companies to buy us replacement vehicles if we comply. Ts almost a year nw since my car oz bashed i issued comprehensive on my car bt nothin as happened only stories of next month next month