Young Lusaka female ‘relative’ wrecks couple’s marriage

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

THE Kanyama Local Court has slapped a fine of K6,000 on a man who brought his young ‘relative’ in the matrimunial home.
Before Justices Daniel Phiri, Mukuka Ngandwe, and Moses Phiri was Elistina Chisanga, 19, of Kalundu, who dragged Aaron Tembo to court for divorce.
Chisanga told the court that they got married in 2012 and have a child together with another on the way.

She said problems in their marriage started when Tembo began taking alcohol.
“He stopped providing for us and he would also insult my parents,” she said.
Chisanga also told the court that Tembo brought into their home a young girl on the pretext that she was a relative only for him to marry her.
And in his submission, Tembo said the two began living together after he impregnated Chisanga.

Tembo told the court he was in agreement for their marriage to end because Chisanga has slept out of their home on two occasions.
He also said Chisanga hid from him that she is pregnant causing him to doubt if he is responsible.
Tembo said one day, Chisanga threatened to leave him boasting, “ehe, ningamusiyeni. Bamayi banga bangani odele ma bonzo nizambo gulisa nizamusiyani, (I’ll leave you and start trading in cattle bones)

Tembo said the two have asked their families to help them resolve their marital problems but to no avail.
Passing judgement, Justice Phiri said it is clear that Tembo and Chisanga’s marriage had no proper foundation as they lack pre-marital counselling.
He also said trouble in their marriage stems from the fact that Tembo brought in a younger woman in their home.
The court granted divorce.

Zambia Daily Mail