Pastor sues church elders over miracles

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

A PASTOR of New Creation Testament Church (NCTC) in Lusaka’s Meanwood area has sued two elders from his church for allegedly accusing him of performing miracles using witchcraft.
He said the two elders had been going round telling other members of the church that he was a fake prophet and performed all miracles using witchcraft.
Pastor Paul Banda, 29, sued Oliver Kabanja, 36, and Thomas Mulaiso, 41, for defamation of character citing that they accused him of using witchcraft to perform miracles.

Banda said in 2012, he opened his church and within a year, the membership grew and he decided to ordain some elders.
He said among the church elders ordained was Kabanja and Mulaiso but to his surprise, after some time, the duo started accusing him of practising witchcraft.
He stated that the two elders went to an extent of inciting other members of his church to turn against him, while at the same time advocating his removal as a pastor.

He said the two elders (Kabanja and Mulaiso) together with other members of the church managed to chase him from the church.
Despite him resorting to leaving the church and worship from his home, the two continued tarnishing his name.
Josline Kayemba, 32, who stood as Pastor Banda’s witness told the court that Kabanja and Mulaiso followed her to her house and asked her to stop going to Banda’s church over witchcraft allegation.
“These two came to my house and told me to stop going to Banda’s church as he used magic to perform miracles,” she said.

Thelma Chisha another witness also told the court that the two had equally followed her home and told her that the pastor was a wizard.
“The two elders also followed me and told me to open my spiritual eyes so that I can see the source of Pastor Banda’s powers,” she said.
The case has since been adjourned to June 26 to allow the two defendants present their witness.


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  1. if yo miracles are real,why draging each other to court? Yo elders are older than you and are able to see through.