Graveyard Sex tale shocks court

Divorce Court

A FULLY packed Matero local court was shocked when a man of Lusaka’s Ten Miles told the court that he watched his wife having sex with another man at a nearby graveyard.
Moscaw Mukambo, 32, said on May 28, he saw his wife with Robson Chikundi heading to the graveyard around 20:00 hours and followed them and watched them as they had sex.

Mukambo, 32, told the court that on May 28, he caught his brother in-law making love to his wife who is seven months pregnant.
This is a case in which Mukambo sued Chikundi, 27, for adultery.

Mukambo said on that fateful day, he came back from work around 20:00 hours only to find that his wife was not home.
He then decided to take a leisurely walk and in the process saw his wife with his brother in-law heading to the graveyard.
He then decided to follow them until they reached the graveyard and watched as they made love.

He said he never wanted to approach Chikundi with no proper evidence, hence approaching him after he finished having sex with his wife.

“I watched my wife having sex with Chikundi because I wanted to have proper evidence so that the two would not deny,” he said.
Mukambo’s wife Brenda Banda, 26, admitted having sex with Chikundi at the graveyard but said she was forced.
She said she accepted to follow Chikundi to the graveyard to save her life because he threatened to kill her.

“He told me that if I don’t follow him he would kill me by slitting my throat using a broken bottle which he was holding in his hands,” she said.

In his defence Chikundi caused laughter when he denied ever knowing Banda when he had earlier told the court that the two were related.
He said he could only admit having sex with Brenda if Mukambo produced some clothes collected when the two were having sex.

“I don’t know this woman and I never had sex with her, let Mukambo show the court my clothes which he collected the time I was having sex with his wife,” he said.
Magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Petronella Kalyelye, ordered Chikundi to compensate Mukambo K8,000 for committing adultery with his wife.


Times of Zambia


  1. Chizungu mwatyola ba Lusaka voice. Pliz go back to grade 9 n learn english n then com back n report

  2. More confused ,how did uknow they headed to the grave yard when u did NOT Find ur wife home .do u,live In or next to the grave yard ? Careful ur being Haunted. Shift right now

  3. Confused as well ,how did u see In the night 20:00 hrs In zambia is dark unless now they have the same weather like Europe

  4. I’m confused here. It is reported that “Mukambo, 32, told the court that on May 28, he caught his brother in-law making love to his wife…”. Was this woman sleeping with her brother or what?

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