Brothels saturate Lusaka, Evelyn Hone and NIPA students

Prostitute lusaka

LUSAKA City has of late witnessed rising levels of prostitution, especially in Kabwata Township with many utilising incomplete buildings in the area as brothels.
In a Sunday Times survey, some Kabwata residents said immorality was slowly becoming rampant, acceptable and a trend in the area.
Jackson Mwale said there were a number of brothels near Break Point and East Point where prostitutes paraded themselves in skimpy dresses to try and lure potential clients.
Mr Mwale said the prostitutes were sophisticated and even rented the brothels for their sexual escapades.

“These women utilise unused buildings and at times even rent brothels that they use to indulge in their sexual marathons,” he said.
Mr Mwale called on relevant authorities to ensure that law and order was maintained as the trend would trigger an increase in HIV/AIDS statistics.
He urged the local authority and Police to prosecute anyone found wanting to deter other would-be offenders.
Mr Mwale attributed prostitution to the high poverty and unemployment levels that were being faced in the country.

And Jeff Musonda of Kamwala said some boarding houses in the area were now acting as brothels because most people used them to engage in sexual activities.
Mr Musonda said most of the culprits were college students who used to sneak their boyfriends and even sugar daddies.
“It is unfortunate that students in these boarding houses abuse them by using them as brothels in which unthinkable activities take place,” he said.
He said it was unfortunate that most of the students from Evelyn Hone and NIPA were not concentrating on their studies but indulging in sexual activities in these boarding houses.

Lusaka City Council (LCC) public relations officer Brenda Katongola warned the prostitutes and owners of the brothels of stern action.
Ms Katongola said prostitution and brothel operation were illegal and could lead to jail sentences.
She said the local authority would carry out an extensive investigation into the matter to ascertain the truth.
Ms Katongola said the council would not relent in bringing order in the city which was filled with lawlessness.

Tasintha chairperson Nkandu Luo said prostitution was a countrywide problem growing like a cancer due to high poverty levels.
Professor Luo said Tasintha was working flat-out to ensure that it reduced the levels of prostitution in the country.
She said change was not immediate and that it was a process that needed patience in order to achieve the intended goals.

Some women had actually left the Tasintha programme and gone back to the streets to prostitute.
“Tasintha has incorporated a number of women who have decided to stop prostitution and focus on activities that would increase their value,” Prof Luo said.
She said Tasintha had introduced popular theatre groups that went round in townships like Ng’ombe where they sensitised women and girls about the dangers of prostitution.


  1. prostitution nichito ati chebelo ni capital
    this problem is everywhere its not lsk alone n the excuse they is one poverty two tutionfree only the second coming of Jesus ll finish this

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