Retirees,widows causing house shortage, must leave government houses

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

POLICE in Livingstone say retirees and widows occupying institutional houses have created an artificial shortage of accommodation in the police camp.
Livingstone district second officer commanding, Victor Makanga, said there are 89 houses that are being occupied by retirees and widows.
Mr Makanga, speaking when Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Colonel Panji Kaunda, toured Livingstone Central Police Station on Tuesday, said that some of the retirees and widows have been waiting for the payment of their packages since 1994.
“Sir, the challenge is that of retirees and widows who have been in the police camp for a long time waiting for their repatriation money. We propose that funds for reparation be released according to districts,” he said.
Mr Makanga appealed to the Ministry of Home Affairs to intervene in the plight of retirees and widows to ease accommodation problems for serving police officers.
He also told the minister that sewer and water lines in the police camp have deteriorated to an extent where effluent is now posing danger to the health of the residents.
Mr Makanga said something needs to be done to avert an outbreak of water-borne diseases like cholera.
He further said the district has inadequate transport and therefore cannot effectively fight crime.
Col Kaunda, who also took time to visit the Immigration office, said his ministry would ensure that it tables the challenges that security institutions in the district are facing.
He also said Government will also look into the issue of retirees and widows who are occupying institutional to create space for serving officers.



  1. This isn’t fair. why shud they move out when they hvnt received their pension. If dats de case,de government shud give them their pensions in no time

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