Man bashes clinical officer after child dies in a queue at Kanyama clinic

Livingstone General Hospital, Zambia
Hospital, Zambia

Police in Lusaka have arrested a 36-year-old man of Kanyama for allegedly beating up a clinical officer after his six-month-old baby died in a queue at Kanyama clinic.

Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga, said Boyd Mwila of Makeni Villa in Kanyama township allegedly assaulted James Jere, 32, a clinical officer on Thursday around 18:00 hours.

She said Mwale’s six-month-old baby, who was taken to Kanyama clinic suffering from suspected typhoid, died in the queue at the clinic after being referred to UTH.
“The mother had taken the child for medical attention and when she was attended to, she was referred to UTH but whilst there, the child died and this incensed the father, who beat the medical staff and broke property worth over K3,000,” Ms Katanga said.



  1. a clinic where nurses are lazy, u wil find long ques ,which makes pipo like me who love children so much 2avoid being there, geting a book, 1 hour, seing a doctor , 2hours , u end up losing somebody u love. KANYAMA CLINIC

  2. The queues in Lsk govt clinics are simply overwhelming, it’d take a miracle to provide quality health care

  3. y venting anger on an innocent person? the clinical officer is not the one to blame for his child death.

  4. We got to immacicapate from depending so much on public hospitals. And private clinics should also stop on cencentrating on abortions and prescribe correct meds on patients than over prescribe.

  5. Police leave that guy alone! He just demostrated his anger, Kanyama health workers are a shame to the health profession.

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