Police officer who gunned down criminals at Twin Palm promoted

Charity Munganga-Chanda
Charity Munganga-Chanda

The Police officer who gunned down two criminals during a robbery at Lusaka’s twin palm mall has been elevated from constable to sergeant.

Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga, who confirmed the development on TV2′s Seven days today, a current affairs programme says the officer was promoted on Friday.


Ms Munganga says despite the fault that the officer experienced with his fire arm he managed to courageously turn the situation against the criminals.


The Police spokesperson has also appealed to those operating shopping malls to make a provision for police post in their premises to help beef up security.

MS Munganga says the ongoing police patrols are not adequate to deal with the challenge.


She has also urged the public to be wary of any persons with bullet wounds as the criminals on the run are wounded.



  1. Well done..lets hope ba shishita and dogs mu ma komboni wont be finish by shooting looking for promotion.

  2. congrates man,the promotion cameout as an act of bravely not by gunning down those criminals find out what he did,the other officers hid and he was the onlyone who gave chase so he deserves that promotion.

  3. Guys don’t just criticize. The man deserves a promotion. Tho small it goes a long way

  4. Promoted for doing your job. You need to show a continuous diligence for one to be promoted.

  5. Malawi should fall suit it motivates the officers on the ground not only law enforcers,bt in all gvnt sectors

  6. I wish this can go in various professions, like if u r a nurse u resuscitate one person to live again, you get promoted. But why is it like this some professions u have to go to school to get that promotion and it takes time to promote u even after obtaining school papers? Boma should look on this.