Naked Step-father sneaks into my bed mysteriously

Criminal court
Criminal court

A KITWE local court heard how a woman would find her stepfather sleeping naked beside her.
This unusual occurrence was heard in Kitwe’s Buchi Local Court when a woman narrated her step father’s strange behaviour.
This is in a case where Mwaba Mulonda, 26, of Kamitondo Township, Kitwe, sued Mubiana Mboma, her step-father of 15 years, for compensation for insults.
“I used to find my stepfather sleeping beside me naked,” Mulonda said.
Mboma admitted having insulted his step-daughter and that there was a reason why he did that.

But Magistrate Elizabeth Banda said it was not right for a daughter to sue her father without the mother’s consent.
She said she could only hear the matter when Mulonda’s mother gives consent.
“This man is more like your father. He took responsibility over you since you were 12 years old. For me to hear this matter, I will have to hear from your mother and other relatives first,” magistrate Banda said.
She said for one to insult another, there must be a problem leading to such an action.
“Your mother is going to be the key witness in this case because it is sensitive.


However, my advice is that you try and sort this issue out as a family,” she said.
The court adjourned the matter.


Zambia Daily Mail