Cops nab 16 at sex den, K30 fee paid to have sex

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested nine girls, five boys and two adults allegedly caught having sex at a house which was allegedly being used as a brothel in Kanyama township.
The 65-year-old owner of the house has also been arrested for allegedly using her property as a brothel.
Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that the 16 were apprehended on Wednesday night after concerned members of the public reported the matter to police.

Ms Katanga said the girls are aged between 15 and 17 while the boys are aged 18 and 19.
“We are holding nine girls and five boys together with two adults for engaging in illicit behaviour,” Ms Katanga said.
She named the owner of the house as Judith Mwale.
Ms Katanga said Ms Mwale was charging K30 to juveniles to have sex in her house while the other suspect identified as Gift Munga, 31, was found having sex with one of the girls.

“The girls and boys, together with the male adult, were found having sex in groups and it is suspected that some of the girls are even younger than 15,” Ms Katanga said.
She said three suspects who were caught in the act are related.
Ms Katanga said police have detained the 16 suspects and instituted investigations in the matter.



  1. its June lol heheheh but who was handling the two ????that’s what am thinking bout ryt now.

  2. Eeeee izativuta kanyama the all of yesterdays news is about kanyama,1 thiefs 2 typhod 3 person burnt