PF is killing democracy by obliterating MMD

Lusambo police mmd
Lusambo police mmd

Former MMD Lusaka province Chairman Watson Mtonga has cried foul accusing the ruling Patriotic Front of betraying the former ruling party.

Mr Mtonga has told QFM News that instead of helping the former ruling party survive for the role MMD members led by former President Rupiah Banda played in President Edgar Lungu’s victory, the PF is working tirelessly to make sure the MMD is dead.

He says the recent defection of MMD members to join the PF is a clear sign of betrayal on the party of the ruling party.
Mr. Mtonga says the PF is killing the whole meaning of democracy by trying to obliterate the MMD.


He has accused the PF of harboring selfish motives when it sought the support of MMD members in campaigning for President Lungu during the 20th January elections, stating that the understanding was never to wipeout the MMD.

Mr. Mtonga has since doubted the possibility of the MMD surviving.




  1. Instead I think its MMD who are killing it coz they are not being forced into PF

  2. They are looking for the 2% to cushion the difference with Upnd in d january election

  3. What will kill democracy in zed is unprincipled individuals jumping from an opposition party to the ruling party…bamu selela kwakaba.