UPND supporter shot by Chama goes missing from hospital bed in Livingstone


We wish to announce to the nation that the UPND supporter who, Mushaukwa Mushaukwa, was shot by PF Secretary General Davies Chama has mysteriously gone missing from his Livingstone General Hospital bed where he was receiving treatment.
This is a serious concern to us in the UPND and the nation because party President Hakainde Hichilema and his entourage yesterday visited the victim Mushaukwa Mushaukwa on his hospital bed, and he revealed on camera that he was shot by the PF Secretary General Davies Chama and not the driver.

Strangely, Mushaukwa has now gone missing from his hospital bed and to us in the UPND, the Zambia Police and the PF regime will be held responsible for whatever happens to our party member whose whereabouts are currently not known.
Jackie Mwiimbu
UPND- Chairperson for Legal


  1. Why wud a party complian and the family is quite?? The police will wait for him no matter how long it takes..

  2. you knw where u ve hinden him,the police wil do they best find wereabout him,wat is he runing from?

  3. Nooooooo God this is too much for your children hav mercy on us and deliver us from the hands of thugs. What are they afraid of when he gets out of the hospital. Our God who sees even what is hiden or done in the dark, u know what happened and who is responsible, my prayer is let whoever is responsible not hav peace until they do the right thing

  4. So! Whose supporting the idiot who wanted to attack innocent people all in the name of being a supporter. Nonsense.

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