Half-naked pictures of a wife from Parish Priest’s bathroom

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

A 40–year old Parish Priest in Mwense district has been ordered to pay K5,500 AS compensation for marriage interference.

Mwense Boma Presiding local court magistrate, Charles Kasenge, ordered Kennedy Kachinga to pay K5, 500 as compensation yesterday.

Facts before the court were that Fr Kachinga moved with a local businessman’s wife from Mwense to Mansa on different occasions.

The court further heard that the businessman found two photographs of his wife in her handbag depicting her half-naked which were taken in the priest’s bathroom.

In submission, the local businessman requested the priest to compensate him for interfering into his marriage.

However, the Priest refused to compensate the local businessman as he claimed that he was not the causer of the marital problems but the contributor.

But in passing judgment, the presiding local court magistrate ordered the priest to pay K5,500 compensation to be paid in 21- months’ installment.


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