Veep donates wheelchair to couple that married in hospital

Suzyo Muzuri and Diniwe Bota who married last Saturday at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) G11 =pic by QFM

Vice President Inonge Wina has said the wedding of Suzyo Muzuri and Diniwe Bota who married last Saturday at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) G11 ward proves that true love conquers all odds.
Ms Wina was speaking this morning when she visited Suzyo at UTH where she congratulated the couple and donated a wheelchair.
“It is not easy to accept someone in this condition but your wedding here has shown all of us that true love really exists and that it can conquer all odds,” she said.
Ms Wina encouraged the couple to be strong and be there for each other as they pass through this trying moment.
Last weekend, social media was abuzz after photos emerged of Suzyo and Diniwe exchanging vows at UTH G11 ward.

Suzyo Muzuri and Diniwe Bowa exchanged marriage vows in the presence of their families, close friends and patients not by design but circumstances last Saturday.
Suzyo, an accountant at National Milling Company, wedded Ms Bowa at UTH because he was involved in an accident that resulted in him losing his right leg two weeks ago.
Instead of rescheduling the wedding, the couple went ahead and tied the knot as their families and friends witnessed the emotional ceremony, which brought the entire ward to a stand-still.
Mother of the bride Loveness Bowa could not hide her happiness.
“This is an emotional time for the family because instead of the accident breaking the couple, it has remained strong and has refused to be defeated. I am very proud of my daughter and my son-in-law.

“Theirs is a love story that will stand the test of time,” Mrs Bowa said.
She said instead of listening to concerns from the family after the accident, her daughter remained committed to marrying her husband no matter his physical condition.
And Bethel City Church bishop Andrew Mwenda said the marriage signified sacrifice, loyalty and commitment.
“This wedding expresses genuine commitment to one another. My message to the couple is to remain committed even when it seems impossible.
“Commitment is important. Even when the young man was involved in an accident, she remained by his side,” he said.

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  1. Somewhere their is the truth in this matter the guy has money….women no.. don’t trust anyone….

  2. I’M really Happy fo this couple. May th almight bless u nw nd forever in jesus’ Name….

  3. I am happy that the couple went aheard and married. There is life beyond losing a leg. At this stage my brother you need to have more courage and soldier on. Get up and keep your dreams burning. Don’t stay in the wheel chair the Veep has donated. Get an artifitial leg and move on.

  4. they have made history not only in Zambia but World Wild,may God give them long life to archeive they dreams.

  5. Ok but that’s true love….huh..touching my heart..indeed love has conquered the world

    • Both the wheel chair and a car are used for mobility. Mobility means moving from one point to the other. A wheel chair can only do this much but the man needs to move from one point yo the other eg from home to work. This is not a responsibility of one person . We can all help.