Pilato to appear in court today

Pilato, Chama Fumba
Pilato, Chama Fumba arrives at Lusaka Central police station after police summoned him over his song. Photograph: Chibala Zulu/AFP/Getty Images

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested musician Chama Fumba alias Pilato for alleged conduct likely to cause breach of peace.
Lusaka Province police commissioner Charity Katanga said in an interview that Mr Fumba has been charged with one count of conduct likely to cause breach of peace.
Ms Katanga said police have detained Mr Fumba and he will appear in court today.



“We have detained Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato, for conduct likely to cause breach of peace,” she said.
Mr Fumba was formally arrested after questioning for over an hour at Lusaka Central Police Station, where he was summoned. He was in the company of his lawyers Marshall Muchende and Mulilo Kabesha.
Mr Muchende told journalists that Mr Fumba presented himself to the police after being summoned last week.
Mr Muchende said, however, that Mr Fumba opted to remain silent during the whole interview.
He said police officers recorded a warn-and-caution statement from Mr Fumba and later arrested him.

“The allegations are that he produced a song called ‘Alungu Anabwela’ and that the song has incensed some sectors of the public,” Mr Muchende said.
And Zambia Association of Musicians president Njoya Tembo said he is happy that Mr Fumba presented himself to the police and is hopeful that the due process of the law will take its course.
Mr Fumba was summoned on Friday after some members of the public complained to the police that his song, allegedly targeted at President Lungu, brings the name of the Head of State into disrepute.


Photograph: Chibala Zulu/AFP/Getty Images


  1. people please how can you be intervewed when you are told to be silent, help me understand this???? who were the police questioning kanshi am comfused mwe???

  2. madam what school you go & what peace are you talking about?am not understand please can you speaking the simple wards.