Drinking spree lands 56 year old wife in jail

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A-56-YEAR-OLD woman of Kaoma has been handed a four-year prison sentence for causing the death of her husband after a drinking spree.
This is in a case where Gertrude Shungumana was charged with manslaughter of Biemba Mwembu, 55.
In passing judgment, Justice Eddie Sikazwe urged Shungumana to refrain from excessive beer drinking.
“As a senior citizen, you should lead by example and not engage yourself in beer drinking. The crime you committed carries a life sentence but I will temper with justice for mercy. I will give you four years as your actions were as a result of being drunk,” he said.
In mitigation, Shungumana said the time she spent in detention has made her regret her actions, and she begged for leniency because she is a first offender.
Facts before the court are that on October 27, 2014, Shungumana and her late husband, Mwembu, went drinking in Sachiputa village and returned home around 17:00 hours, where the drinking continued.
Later in the night, the deceased requested Shungumana to accompany him to visit their daughter, Bertha, in a nearby village. The accused refused and cautioned the deceased against moving in the night.
This infuriated Mr Mwembu, who thought his wife wanted to take advantage of his absence to visit the headman, whom he had suspected of having an affair with her.
A fight later ensued and Shungumana picked a stick and hit the deceased on the head and blood started oozing.
Despite his condition, the deceased took off to see his daughter but collapsed after walking for about 300 metres.
A post-mortem reviewed that Mr Mwembu died from head injuries.