My hubby demands sex when I am menstruating, I want a divorce…..

Lusaka High Court

AFTER seven years of marriage, a Lusaka housewife has begged the Matero Local Court to dissolve her marriage because her husband is in the habit of demanding sex when she is having her periods.
Nelia Silombe, 31, of Matero Township told senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye that her husband, Bodwell Mitelo, 42, likes to force himself on her demanding to have sex even when she is on her menses.
This was heard in a case in which Silombe sued Mitelo for divorce. The two got married in 2008 and have two children together. Bride price was paid. The court heard that the two are currently on separation.
“I’m tired of this marriage. Our families have tried to counsel us but he seems unrepentant, so my parents advised me to divorce him,” she said.
But Mitelo accused Silombe of being the cause of the problems in their marriage because of her promiscuous behaviour.
Passing Judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Mitelo to pay Silombe K6,000 as compensation with an initial payment of K400 followed by K300 monthly instalments.
Mitelo was also ordered to pay K600 monthly as child maintenance effective June month-end.



  1. Some storie awe ungaluke mulibe alangizi yaba you dnt wash the dirty linen in the public