Chama Fumba, alias Pilato, Hichilema, HH
Chama Fumba, alias Pilato, Hichilema, HH

By Niza Phiri, Munali MP aspirant.

It is quite shocking for the current government to pursue Pilato’s case with such vigour.

We understand that Pilato was wrong to have disrespected the head of state, and some of the words may not be pleasant to anyone’s ears.

But this is where government should show maturity and let certain issues that most of us perceive as trivial and comical to slide.

Such are the evils of democracy, we have seen this in many other well established democracy’s like the US, where the head of state is mocked every single day through cartoons.



It makes for a good laugh to see the amounts of energy the state is putting into trying to jail a musician over a song that is purely widely seen as a piece of comedy rather than a serious opinion shifting song.

Jailing pilato will just serve to harm the PF government more as it will push away would be sympathisers of the Patriotic Front because such manoeuvres may be seen as the product of an intolerant , and undemocratic leadership thereby alienating the people who love and serve the Great democracy we have enjoyed over the last few decades.

Can we be serious as a nation , let us stop toy toying on silly matters and focus on issues that a re progressive and developmental


  1. Very immature,.. thats bloods got whats it takes and we got his back. #GreenParty.