UPND, HH should take responsibility for Mulobezi violence – Tayali

Machete Wielding PF cadres
Machete Wielding PF cadres

The violence that happened in Machile, Mulobezi constituency is very and it must be investigated to make sure the perpetrators of violence are punished.

Our sources in the area have revealed to us that the United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres ambushed the Secretary General of Patriotic Front (PF) Mr. Davies Chama in Mulobezi constituency.

We have confirmed that the police have impounded a Toyota Hilux D4D registration number ALD 9469 allegedly belonging to the UPND campaign manager Mr. Siyanga Siyauya MP for Sesheke.
It is alleged that items of violence were found in the said car. Mr. Siyauya is currently in police custody because he is believed to be the mastermind of the ambush.

A ZAWA officer was shot during the violence when he tried to stub the driver of the SG with a military knife which is in the hands of the police.
This ZAWA officer is a UPND cadre from Sesheke. Our sources tell us that there are a number of men who have been refereed into Mulobezi constituency to campaign for UPND candidate Mr. Hastings Sililo.

We don’t blame the poor cadres, but leaders who incite these poor people to engage in violence while they watch from afar and deny responsibility.

While ruling PF and the UPND are the ones who are mostly involved in political violence, the later seem to be less willing to take responsibility for their violence acts.
The leadership of UPND is lukewarm when it comes to condemning violence perpetrated their party.

A number of times we have heard the leadership of PF condemning and warning it’s cadres against violence. PF National Youth Chairman Hon. Chishimba Kambwili and President Edgar Lungu have often spoken clearly against violence.
However, the UPND leadership and Mr. Hichilema have always come to the defense of their cadres. Rather than take responsibility, they cry out louder of being brutalized by the PF and the police.

Mr. Hichilema could not even condemn the violence that happened before him at Cresta Golfview Hotel which has landed some UPND cadres in trouble as the case is in High Court.
Instead condemning the violence at the hotel, Mr. Hichilama blamed the freedom of movement and association of a citizen, that he should not have been there.
The Assistant Secretary General Mr. Kuchunga Simusamba even went to an extent of threatening life when some UPND cadres were arrested. Such arrogance is not acceptable in a democratic society like ours, after 50 years of independence.

UPND must change their attitude and take responsibility of the violence if they are going to stop their cadres from engaging in violence.


  1. They say pf is a violent party but now see wats happening in Mulobezi ????Ba upnd you don’t win elections using the mapatizya formular NO its by telling the VOTERS wat you’ll do for them & how You’ll do it simple

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