Police summon Pilato

Chama Fumba, Pilato
Chama Fumba, alias Pilato

POLICE in Lusaka have summoned musician Chama Fumba, alias Pilato, for questioning on Monday over his alleged defamation of the President through his song.
Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that police have been unable to serve summons on Mr Fumba because he is reportedly shifting in hiding for fear of aggrieved members of the public.
Ms Katanga said police officers have been to Mr Fumba’s old home in Ndola but have not found him there nor at other residences they were directed to.
“We have tried looking for him so that we could serve him with the call-outs but we have failed to find him, so we hope that through the media he will be able to get this information,” she said.

Pilato – Tabalanda Sana Video

She said police have summoned Mr Fumba to Lusaka Central Police Station for questioning on Monday at 11:00 hours.
And Ms Katanga said two Komboni Radio Disc Jockeys (DJs) were summoned on Thursday after information was received that they were playing the song on air.
She said two statements were recorded from the DJs, who denied playing the song and police set them free.
“The two were summoned after we received information that they were playing the song on air but in their interview they denied playing the song but statements were recorded from them,” Ms Katanga said.
And when contacted for a comment, Mr Fumba said he is in Nakonde and is not aware of the summons.
When asked if he would report to the police as requested, Mr Fumba said he would need to consult over the matter.
“I am around and I am somewhere working. I have not been communicated to and I am not aware of any summons,” he said.
Police this week received complaints from members of the public over Mr Fumba’s song titled: “ALungu Anabwela’.
The song in question is allegedly targeted at President Lungu.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. I thought the song was talking about a person by the name of Lungu and not about the presidency which is a constitutional office. So I expected the person of Lungu to sue for defamation and not the entire police being unleashed on a poor lad who, only brought out the true political picture of the PF under “alungu” ABASH bad governance! Viva freedom of speech!

  2. In form of freedom of speech he is abusing it he deserves to be arested…..he is not even working but hiding en celebrating of the fools understanding him

  3. Its now people who want to beat him, everyone is searching for him if seen he will be like Gaddafi

  4. If they wanted to arrest him, they would have done that already nomba tabakwete ifyo balamwikatila you get my point te? It’s just the vuvuzelas making noise oh ama cadres.

  5. Expression of freedom makes u a fugitive, what a shame, ati he is working when he is hiding. Fools always don’t know what they put themselves into, like fish getting caught by the net its looking at, anyway work well Mr pilato

  6. The presidence needs to be protected whatever the frustration, please kill
    Pilato to Save many artists to come

  7. These pipo in office need 2b challenged don’t let them feel too comfitable,only a fool will say pilato was wrong,pilato said it was not the name MMD that was corrupt bt de people that were in the MMD.

  8. if u wnt 2 push thngs 2 far cuz of dis beautful song of mr pilato thn stp even dat song by apongozi mwazi wona alungu ukuluku wanu.?cuz we’v may lungu in zed

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