Nevers Mumba, Rupiah Banda1
Nevers Mumba, Rupiah Banda1

For Zambia to develop there is need for participation of different stakeholders in governance. Citizens must participate in voting and holding their elected leaders without fear or favour. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) must never slumber in offering checks and balances to the government. Political parties must also be on top of their game to give serious challenges as alternative governments to the ruling party.

It is therefore worrisome to see parties like Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) almost collapsing.

In spite of it difficulties, MMD is still an admirable party in the history of Zambia. MMD brought back multi-partism and put the Country on trucks after the economic malaise of the 1980’s.


Unlike many other political parties, MMD was formed by a number of people as a movement. MMD is not owned by one person, but it belongs to its members collectively.

All the leaders and Presidents of MMD were elected constitutionally which is a very important tenet of Democracy. Dr. Nevers Mumba is leading the party according to the Constitution and soon he will have to call for a convention whether he likes it or not.

MMD can revive especially by young people because it is among the parties where young people can join and espouse for any leadership position due to its solid constitution and democratic selection of leaders.

These other parties including PF were formed and are centered on one person. This is why PF is having problems though subvert for the sake of remaining in power and keeping government jobs.

PF was centered on President Sata and still carries the charisma of Sata. President Edgar Lungu is likely to fail if he does not align himself to the Charisma of Sata. Edgar Lungu is making a big mistake to align himself to RB (PF-MMD) because the later has no charima at all. Besides he is in politics today out of sheer luck of being called by President Mwanawasa.


The division in MMD is as a result of RB. Some people are still loyal to RB not because of RB’s ideas or charima, but because of handouts.

Young people like Muhabi Lungu have a responsibility to stick around MMD and reunite with Dr. Nevers Mumba in spite of his leadership flaws. They need to come together and then for a convention. A convention will unite them. A united MMD with new blood can offer very good challenges to PF because it is a party of numbers and not individual.

MMD members following RB are just wasting their time because no matter how much RB can give them, sooner than later, it will dry up.

Dr. Nevers Mumba should also open his arms to embrace all members for the sake of the party. Let there be an amnesty to save the party because Zamabin democracy needs MMD. There is no need for MMD to sell itself to PF which is suffering from Identity crisis  after the death of President Sata.