Entire Kalabo MMD district executive resigns


The entire Movement for Multiparty Democracy  (MMD|) Kalabo District Executive Committee has with immediate effect resigned from the former ruling party citing poor leadership among other reasons.


District Chairman David Nyundu disclosed to ZANIS in Kalabo June 5th  that there was no hope of the MMD bouncing back to power and surviving because of allegedly lack of leadership qualities allegedly exhibited by the Party President Nevers Mumba.


Mr Nyunda wondered as to whether or not the Party could survive without Dr Mumba visiting the districts to see what was happening in the party.


He said the executive committee did not want to associate themselves with a political party that was not viable and whose leader was not interested in interacting with people at the grass root to see how best they could take the Party to greater heights.


Mr Nyunda however explained that he would temporarily be non-partisan while consulting his colleagues on the political party to join.


Mr Nyundu predicated more defections from the former ruling party as it was evident that the party leadership had failed to run the affairs of the once vibrant MMD.



  1. I thought MMD including all its corrupt elements have long been swallowed up by PF, does it still exist?