Why are people more scared of pregnancy than deadly sexual diseases?


Indulging in unprotected sex is a risky  behavior that leads to  pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases but most people only worry about being pregnant.


For some people, after having unsafe sex, they always pray not to fall  pregnant without even bothering to think of other health implications.

This brings attention to the issue of abortion, which many people think is a solution when one gets pregnant out of wedlock.

Revelations by Medical practitioners in Kalabo District over the increased cases of abortions involving school girls got me really worried.

Kalabo district Hospital said it records over 30 cases of abortions involving school girls every month.


There is no justification for abortion?For some it’s an inconceivable act, but for others abortion seems to be the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy and an impossible-to-negotiate future.

The issue of abortion is not an easy discussion with many nations debating on legalizing abortion or not.

However,  Zambia’s constitution allows for the termination of pregnancies, provided such is done within the laid down conditions of the law.
According to the Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1972, an abortion in Zambia can be conducted where the pregnancy constitutes a risk to the life of the pregnant woman.

Why do people think it is okay to “express their love” by hopping in bed with every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the block without using protection when they cannot take responsibility?
Many women including high school and college students in the country are turning to unsafe practices of terminating pregnancy like the use of traditional herb.
However, the causes of unwanted pregnancy in teenagers are as a result of minimal sex education. Most of them are clueless about the effects of sex and the little they know is acquired from television and magazines.


The truth is many people are unwilling to take the big step of becoming parents for various reasons, with the common one that has been used over the years being, “I am not ready”.
Interruption of education or career, insufficient financial resources, inability to care for an infant and societal expectation are some of the reasons that were cited as forcing one to abort.


Many expectant mothers lack the resources to cover the staggeringly high costs associated with pregnancy, birth, and child rearing, especially when they are not working.
Some women abort simply because they are unwilling to be single mothers as they fear being labeled by the society as people with lose morals.
A woman told LusakaVoice that: Women abort because of economic and financial constraints which makes it difficult to have an unplanned child,” said Kunda Mwamba who is unemployed.


Some argued that, “Women these days are engaged in extra-marital affairs such when they fall pregnant the married man will refuse to take responsibility which then pushes them to abort,” said 24 year old woman.


Other women resolve to abort as the pregnancy will be a danger to their mental and physical health to carry the baby full term and reasons such as having been raped.

Unplanned pregnancies result in the birth of many unwanted children who are more likely to be abused and abandoned.


“Women must be given control over their reproduction if they are to achieve equal status with men. Thus for the reasons of preventing unwanted and harmed children, backing up contraceptives, and helping emancipate women, the abortion law must be legalized,” said a lady only identified as Rose.
However people who are against abortion see it is as an act of murder of a helpless baby who has not yet had the chance to live and function as a human being.
“Abortion should never be used as a form of birth control, this young generation is very promiscuous and they practice unsafe sex. When things go wrong they decide to abort which is very unacceptable,” said an elderly man Chelstone.
He added, “As a Christian this is considered as murder because it is a life that already has a soul, we as human beings, have no right to kill.”

“ Abortion is wrong because the moment one decides to have sex then both partners should take responsibility. I can only accept abortion in the case of rape only,” said a mother of two.

A pregnancy that occurs in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a lifelong impact on a woman’s ability to raise a family.

Why are people more scared of pregnancy than deadly sexual diseases?

Think twice.

The writer writes in her own capacity

Till we meet again, Aunty Dolly