Leave the party if you don’t want to work with people from the opposition

Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu
Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned that he will not hesitate to dismiss anyone undermining his authority for appointing members from the opposition political parties in his administration.
The President has advised members of the Patriotic Front (PF) who are not willing to work with people from the opposition to leave the Party.
He wondered why members from PF were questioning his decision to appoint people from the opposition political parties when they never did so with the late President Michael Sata.
“Take this lesson from Mr Sata who was working with the people from the opposition and appointing them without any excuse at all, why should I be questioned?” he asked.
Mr Lungu said this at Solwezi Council grounds yesterday during the launch of the rehabilitation of township roads in North Western Province.
He said the standards that he was using were the same as those that the late President Sata used.
“If you want to move out from the party you are free to do so, we will run Government on merit,” he said.
The President said he wanted to work with everyone and those that did not want to do so, should give way for others to work.
The President had received reports that some people were trying to undermine provincial minister for North Western Dawson Kafwaya, who was appointed from the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).
“This message is also intended for those that want to undermine the provincial minister Dawson Kafwaya, when I picked him I knew he would deliver, I knew he was Kaonde and from UPND but above all he is a Zambian, let him work peacefully.”
“Amos Malupenga is Permanent Secretary here, I don’t know what tribe he is, for all I know is that, he is a journalist, you can make recommendations but it’s me who has the final say and I will not hesitate to fire you if you frustrate my provincial administration,” he said.
He advised Mr Kafwaya to work under his pleasure as he was the one who appointed him and the only one who could fire him.
He urged the provincial administration to listen to what the people wanted in the province as they were their masters.
The President said he was in the province to deliver to the promise to work on the roads which were in a bad shape.
Mr Lungu told the residents who had gone to witness the launch that Government had entered into partnership with China to deliver 4000 solar driven milling plants for people to buy mealie meal cheaply.
He said the milling plants would be in the country before the end of this year.
Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister Danny Chingimbu said among the roads to be rehabilitated in the province include 25 kilometers of roads in Solwezi, 9.27 kilometers in Kasempa and 11.5 Km in Zambezi.



  1. Yeah very true. It has said that: if u want to go fast, go alone but if u want to go far, go together.