Zambia would develop quicker if more people had guts like Pilato

Victoria Wezi Mhone
Victoria Wezi Mhone

Songstress, Wezi Victoria Mhone has commended Pilato for standing out and voicing his opinions on issues affecting Zambia society through his latest song.

This is despite much controversy surrounding his latest hit, ‘Alunga Anabwela ku choka ku Chwama’, a song which allegedly defames President Edgar Lungu.

” I’m a fan of Pilato’s. All I can say is that Pilato knows exactly what he came for and his not playing around. Some say his abusing his freedom of speech while I say there’s no such thing as abusing freedom of speech as long as you do not insult his excellence in any way,”


“There is a difference in commenting on how you are viewing things and insulting. This is our Zambia, we are responsible for who leads and we are, therefore, at liberty to comment on how we view our their leadership all in a quest for better Zambia. Pilato is a patriotic Zambian. I applaud him for his courage, few people in his position have the guts to voice out their opinion on issues in Zambian societies,” Wezi commented on her Facebook page.

Wezi added ” We rather stay and die in silence and fear for the few that dare to speak out. Its not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with his views, its all about being able to value his courage, Zambia would definitely develop quicker with ten thousands of Pilatos with various views on diverse issues. Speak and be heard by the head of state and all his people. I saw a post by Krytic, he raised a good point by asking what’s the value of independence? Self governance? Pilato has not committed any crime by speaking his mind. As Wezi, I am not big on Politics, I’ll let my courageous brother who is passionate about them do his thing.
I am grateful to God for Pilato”.


  1. If that gutt can be channeled to development of the country well not to eat we are hearing.people who have left legacy stood on development of mankind ‘s issues. This is not real but means of income.Satan always remind people on things of past and wrongs only don’t become his advocate for him.God always is looking for the humble to exhort them

  2. Pilato has got no Guts,he is jst being used by delfish politician who will live him in a ditch alone.

  3. A Russian was sentenced to 23 yrs. In jail for shouting in the Kremlin that Kruchev was a fool. 3 yrs.was being a nuisance and 20 yrs for revealing a state secret.

  4. In that song ,he was attacking the president and defaming the president..he was not talking on our behalf but hishalf..

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