Pilato’s song is causing disorder – Charity Katanga


Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says the Police have observed that the newly released song by Copperbelt based musician Fumba Chama popularly known as Pilato is causing disorder among members of public.


Ms. Katanga has therefore advised political cadres and members of the public to allow the police to carry out their investigations and NOT take the law into their own hands.

She says the police have intensified investigations into the matter.

Pilato – Tabalanda Sana Video

Ms. Katanga has noted that artists have the right to sing songs but they should be responsible and ensure that their songs do not bring disorder and disunity in the country.


She was speaking with journalist at the City Airport in Lusaka on Thursday.


Last week Police instituted investigations into the alleged defamation of the President by Pilato, and recorded statements from four complainants.





  1. No point of insulting each other,if yu think pilato is wrong what charge can yu charge him? Let’s us call a spade a spade………

    • You’re right. If there’s an offence committed let us know which law Pilato has contranvened. Mere arguments and insults will take us nowhere.

  2. Chisanga, u an idiot dat nids to be caged nt pilato,if yo father is one of dem to him to hell,pilato is right

  3. Charity na lungu are causing disorder,naked truth. Hurts wen u xposed or talkd abt