Woman arrested for stealing 4 bottles of whisky in Shoprite

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THE Kitwe Magistrate’s Court has convicted a 27-year-old woman for stealing four bottles of whisky valued at K953 from Shoprite Checkers.
This is a case in which Sara Chileshe of house number 10 Chamboli in Kitwe is facing one count of theft.
When the matter came up for plea on Monday before magistrate Lenard Tembo, Chileshe admitted to theft.
“Your honour, I understand the charge and I plead guilty. I stole the bottles of whisky from Shoprite because I wanted to sell them and use the money,” she narrated to the court.
Chileshe committed the offence on May 28.
Magistrate Tembo said he was satisfied with the facts presented before him.
“Upon your own admission of the offence as charged, and that the facts are true and correct, I find you guilty and I convict you accordingly,” magistrate Tembo said.
Facts presented before the court were that, on the material night, around 19:30 hours, Abraham Kapungu, a security guard was on duty when he spotted the convict going to the shelves where alcohol is stored.
Mr Kapungu saw the convict packing bottles of whisky in her bag and he continued monitor her movements while in the supermarket.
The court heard that Chileshe by-passed the till and headed for the exit where she was searched. Four bottles of whisky were found in Chileshe’s handbag.
The matter was reported to the police where the suspect was charged and arrested for the subject offence.



  1. your friend are being strategic by going to churches where water is turned into wine and yet there are people like you that want to ruin your reputations by stealing wisky smh but its none of my business

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