Human rights body condemns brutal killing of albino in eastern Zambia


Zambia’s human rights body on Tuesday condemned a recent killing of an albino woman in the eastern district of Lundazi by unknown people.


Last Friday, suspected ritualists killed a 37-year-old albino woman in a remote village of the district and cut off her right hand as well as extracted several teeth from her mouth.
The Human Rights Commission said in a statement that it was saddened with the killing of the woman and has since called on police to investigate and arrest the culprits.
The human rights body said no one deserves to be killed in a brutal manner and that such barbaric behavior deserves the condemnation from all section of society.
The killing of the woman, the first reported case of the killing of an albino for ritual purposes in Zambia, has shocked the albino community in the country.

Albino Foundation of Zambia executive director John Chiti has since called for equal treatment of albinos and for an end to misconception that albino bodies could be used to enrich people.
He said his organization was appalled with the myths that albino body parts had the potency to increase one’s wealth.
While albino ritual killings are not common in Zambia, the situation is different in other African nations such as Tanzania where they are hunted for their body parts. Enditem