‘Too many lies’ derail Lusaka couple’s child custody fight

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

THE Chilenje Local Court sent back a couple to bring school reports of their child after they both claimed to have custody of the child.
This was before senior court magistrate Sharon Sichone and Sylvia Kabunda in a case in which Prisca Kapembwa sued Sam Sampa for child support.
Kapembwa claimed that she has custody of the child who was in Grade five at Chilenje Basic School while, her husband also claimed to have custody of the child who was at Mutamba Basic School in Mandevu.
The court said it could not proceed with the matter because it does not know who was telling the truth as they both claimed to have custody of the child until they bring report book to support their claims.
Kapembwa, who has two children with his former lover Sampa, earlier told the court they were co-habiting in Ndola before they went on separation.
“He married another woman after we separated but that woman used to make my children spend nights in the cold,” she said.
Kapambwe said she later reconciled with Sampa but their relationship was short-lived after he denied responsibility of their last born child.