Man sues wife as she fails to state person responsible for her pregnancy

Lusaka High Court

A LUSAKA husband narrated in the Chilenje Local Court how he abandoned his pregnant wife at the hospital after she failed to state who was responsible for her pregnancy.
This was in a case in which Trevor Pasmore, 42, of Chilenje Township sued his wife Faith Mwine, 26, for divorce. Pasmore told the court that the two got married in 2011 and have a child together. The court heard that bride price was paid.
Pasmore told senior court magistrate Sharon Sichone that he abandoned Mwine at the hospital when she was admitted after it was revealed that she had been sleeping with two men and, therefore, did not know who was responsible for the pregnancy between him (Pasmore) and her lover.
“There was no way I could stay with her after I found out about her infidelity so I left her alone,” he said.
Pasmore complained that he did not understand the reason Mwine was having an affair.
However, Pasmore disclosed that he has not lived with Mwine for more than three months.
“We have always had a problematic marriage because of my wife’s infidelity. Both families have tried to reconcile us but nothing helped,” he said.
In her statement, Mwine told the court that she was fed up of always being suspected of having extra-marital affairs by Pasmore.
“When Pasmore heard I was getting married to my former lover, he proposed marriage and we got married because my family felt he was good for me as we already had a child together,” Mwine said.
However, Mwine admitted to having a problematic marriage.
The court, however, adjourned the case and urged both families to counsel the couple before judgment is passed.