Back from prison,man finds wife of 19years pregnant


AFTER spending two years in prison, a Kitwe man returned home to find his wife of 19 years pregnant by another man.
This was heard in a case in which Harry Mpasa sued his wife Grace Chibale for divorce.
In his statement before magistrate Elizabeth Banda, Mpasa told the court that he was surprised to find his wife pregnant upon his release from prison.
Mpasa told that the Buchi Local Court that the two have been married for 19 years and have three children together. He said the two had been happy in their marriage until he was sentenced to five years in prison. However, he only served two years.
“After a few months, my wife got sick and I discovered that she was pregnant for another man. She gave birth to a child who later died,” Mwaba said.
Mpasa said he reported the alleged promiscuous behaviour of his wife to his in-laws but they did nothing.
“I continued staying with my wife, but one day I returned from work and I discovered she had taken all our household goods. She left my clothes on a crate. She had left with my children,” he said.
Mpasa said he later went to his in-laws to look for Chibale but his in-laws accused him of bewitching their daughter and grandchildren.
In her statement, Chibale told the court that she was mentally-challenged and could, therefore, not comment on Mpasa’s statement.
Magistrate Banda adjourned the case to June 15 and ordered Chibale’s parents to take her to the hospital for mental evaluation upon which they should present three medical reports back to the court.
“As a court, we’re not going to put pressure on her. If it is proven that she is mentally-challenged, she will have to be represented, meaning the matter will be heard from the subordinate court,” Magistrate Banda said.



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