Police arrest three murder suspects

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

Police in Namwala District of Southern Province have arrested three people in connection with the death of Paulson Shakopa who was recently murdered in Nakotolo of chief Nalubamba’s  area  on Monday.


Facts of the matter are that Paulson Shakopa was allegedly shot dead by Edward Kasale who was hired to kill him by the deceased’s son, Sydney Shakopa.


According to Sources Sydney‘s mother was divorced by Paulson Shakopa hence Sydney hiring Edward Kasale to kill Paulson so that Sydney inherits property from the father Paulson Shakopa.


Police have also arrested Emmanuel Hamomba who is suspected to have hired his gun to Edward Kasale.


Namwala Police have arrested Sydney Shakopa the son to the deceased of Chief Nalubamba’s area, Edward Kasale of mwangwe area and Emmanuel hamoomba.


The Three were picked from Namwala police by the homicide unit from Choma and are currently being detained at Choma Police station.