PF clears air on constitution calls


The ruling Patriotic Front-PF- says political parties and Non- governmental Organisations calling for the immediate repeal of the constitution are misinformed about the manner in which the republican constitution can be amended.

PF Legal Counsel Tutwa Ngulube says political parties and NGOs commenting on the constitution and the referendum should research on the matter to avoid misleading the nation.


Mr Ngulube says Article 79 of the republican constitution provides that there can be NO amendment to Article 79 itself and to part three of the Bill of Rights until a referendum is held.

He told ZNBC news in Lusaka this afternoon that this is why government has appointed a referendum commission to organize a referendum before Part three of the Bill of Rights and Article 79 of the constitution are amended.


Mr Ngulube said other provisions that do not require a referendum can be amended by Parliament.

He cited the Supreme Court ruling in the case of the Zambia Democratic Congress versus the Attorney General, judgment number 37 of 1999.