Dying drug addict’s throat cut by gang “in case he talked on deathbed”

criminal records, crime, arrest, court
criminal records, crime, arrest, court

37-year-old Andrew Guerrine from New Street South in Dublin’s inner city was found, with his throat cut, on the exact sport where baby Maria was found abandoned last week.

There is no known connection between the two incidents other than Guerrine’s killers may have learned from press reports about the discovery of Baby Maria that the stretch of road had no CCTV coverage, gardaí believe.


The victim, who is a chronic drug addict, is related to Darren Guerrine (21) who was shot dead in 2008 by dissident republicans near his Bluebell home in Dublin.

Darren Guerrine

Reports indicate that Guerrine was associated with the top assassin in Ireland’s biggest crime gang.

The Irish Independent reports that Guerrine only had months to live after a steady decline in his health in recent years from drug abuse.


He was suffering from a form of bodily decay that is common in intravenous drug users who have infections from dirty needles or drugs contaminated with bacteria.

Local people said Guerrine smelt “like a corpse”.

He was in the advanced stages of illness and had been told he hadn’t long to live, the sources said.

The gang, responsible for much of the supply of cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ecstasy to Dublin and much of the rest of the country, is believed to have ordered his murder.

It is suspected that he might have been murdered, despite the fact it was known he had probably not long to live, in case he decided to make some form of deathbed confession.


The assassin Guerrine was associated with is suspected of carrying out up to 14 murders on behalf of the Spanish-based drugs cartel that has become the dominant force in Irish organised crime.

Gardaí suspect the order for Guerrine’s murder may have come from inside prison where a number of key figures in the crime syndicate are serving time..

It is believed he was killed somewhere else and his body transported to Steelstown beside Junction 5 on the N7.