Man eats poo from women’s toilets for eight years

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News reports in China say that a man has been discovered sneaking into ladies toilets to eat poo. claim that the man, who was caught in the act at a shopping centre in Guangdong, may have been up to this disgusting act for up to eight years.


The news report, translated by the Mirror, says that man was spotted entering the toilets before surprising women in the stallls before they can flush. When they flee he then eats their faeces.

A reporter confronted the man who said that he eats faeces when he is hungry, and he always feels better afterwards.

Reporter: What’re you doing here?
Man: Eating shit.
R: What? What’s in your hands?
M: It’s shit.
R: Why would you want to do that?
M: I eat it when I’m hungry.
R: But why do you choose to go to the ladies’ room?
M: It’s more tasty.

Reporter: Isn’t your family worried about you?
Man: They’re all dead.
R: Don’t you know this behavior isn’t good or healthy?
M: I’ve eaten shit for eight years. I feel better after eating it.

Local residents and shoppers have no called on the government to intervene as they suspect the man may have mental health issues.


The report quotes a security guard at the shopping centre who spotted his movements.

‘He goes to the second floor ladies’ room to find faeces to eat. He usually comes between 8am to 10am during the first half of the day, and then comes again at around 3pm,’ the guard said.

The toilets at the shopping centre have now been closed.