UPND to grow stronger after Kapita’s departure – Banda

Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu
Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu

The opposition UPND has described the defection of its vice president for administration Richard Kapita to the ruling PF as an opportunity to grow stronger.
UPND vice president for politics Canisius Banda says Mr. Kapita’s departure has also created room for the party to renew itself and get better.
Dr. Banda has told Qfm News that what Mr. Kapita has left in the UPND is a vacancy and not a vacuum.
He says his party will in due course have Mr. Kapita replaced.
The UPND vice president for politics however thinks that Mr. Kapita’s decision to leave the UPND for ruling PF is personal and he should be thanked and respected in return.

He says the UPND thinks that such a decision is in keeping with Democracy and is not at variance with the country’s national law because Mr. Kapita is merely expressing a fundamental freedom of associating with a political party of his choice.
Dr. Banda states that the UPND now has a grand opportunity to learn and to restructure.
He says this is why the UPND takes Mr. Kapita’s departure as bases for gratitude to him as it has presented a chance for the party to perform better in future.