Man entangles himself during divorce hearing, jail sentence

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A 38-YEAR-OLD man of Kitwe who sued his wife for divorce ended up landing himself in problems after lying before Buchi Local Court magistrate Elizabeth Banda.
Kelvin Musonda, who is seeking divorce from his wife of a year, lied before magistrate Banda about the properties he jointly acquired with his wife by excluding a plot which he told the court that it belonged to his sister.
The court asked Musonda’s sister if the plot in question was hers but she said she did not know anything about the property.

“You are on oath and yet you decide to lie before the court which is an offence and it attracts a minimum sentence of seven years, which is beyond my jurisdiction.
“I will commit you to the magistrate’s court and you shall be dealt with there,” Magistrate Banda said.
This is in a case in which Kelvin Musonda sued Safi Mukalipe, 27, for divorce. They got married last year and have one child.
Musonda said he works in Solwezi and that he only goes home on weekends.
He told the court that whilst in Solwezi, people used to call him telling him that his wife had a lover.

“When I went home I lost some money and when I searched in my wife’s suitcase, I found some contraceptive pills and other drugs. I was shocked because we never used them.
A lady shouted at my wife at a bar I own in Kawama township, accusing her that she flirts with her husband,” he said.
Musonda told the court that he never caught his wife red-handed but believes what people tell him and asked the court to grant them divorce.
But Mukalipe said she did not want to divorce her husband despite him calling her a prostitute.
The court adjourned the matter.

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