Man kills girlfriend’s 2 year old child by dropping him on the floor for urinating

Pic credit-Sunday news.

James JJ Sieger Jr died in hospital on Monday after he was brought in by his biological mother and her boyfriend on Saturday unresponsive and covered in bruises.

The mother, Jasmine Bridgeman and her boyfriend, Joshua Schoenenberger were arrested on charges of child abuse and that will now increase to even more serious charges following the child’s death.


According to the police, Bridgeman says Schoenenberger became upset when the baby dirtied his nappy.

The police report says that Schoenenberger ‘smeared the poop from the diaper in (the boy’s) face’.

He told the police that when he was holding the child by the waist and talking to him face-to-face the child urinated on him and Schoenenberger dropped him onto the tile floor before stepping on the two-year-old’s stomach ‘out of frustration with how (he) treats his home.’


The boy’s bilogical father, James Sieger Snr. who was with his son when he passed away in hospital, is devastated by the incident, describing it as the ‘worst and most difficult day of my life’.

Bridgeman is still married to Sieger Snr but has been with Schoenenberger four months.

Local police spokesperson Lt Travis Lyman said: “Certainly the injuries looked like the result of abuse and the biological mother and her boyfriend were the ones who brought the child in and their stories were not matching up or making sense with what we were seeing.”



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