Taxi driver gets 5years for stealing a cow

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A 29-YEAR-OLD taxi driver in Livingstone has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a cow worth K3,800.
Alfred Phiri, who was charged with stock theft, appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
Particulars are that on February 9 this year, Phiri, with other persons unknown, stole a cow, the property of Edward Kaluba.
In mitigation, Phiri told the court that he did not know that the animal in question was stolen because he was only ferrying it on behalf of a client.
“I didn’t know that the people that booked my taxi wanted to steal a cow because I was simply providing them transport. I am asking for leniency,” he said.
Livingstone resident magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala said the state had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.
The court said he carefully looked at the evidence on record and found the accused guilty.