Confessions of massive shoplifters

Lusaka High Court

A MAN and two women of Lusaka have pleaded guilty to massive shoplifting of groceries, including 36 tins of Nido milk, all costing over K4,000, from Spar in Choma.
In this case, Timothy Tembo, 24, John Bwanga, 38, Mufuta Mwatafwali, 48, Linda Mwiinga,46, Rosemary Nyirenda, 36, all of Lusaka, are jointly charged with theft.
Particulars of the offense are that the five, on unknown dates but between April 27 and 28 this year in Choma, jointly and while acting, together, stole 13 sachets of Boom washing paste, two bottles of Boom sparkle liquid, 10 sachets of golden soya pieces, three Boom laundry soap, 2.5 litres of cooking oil, 4kg of sugar, a kilogram of salt, four bottles of lotion, a tablet of Protex soap, two sachets of Amigo cheese curls and five sachets of amigo classic small curls.
The rest of the items allegedly stolen are a face towel, 3 x1litre of juice, two tubes of Dark and Lovely cream, two bottles of mineral water, 27 bottles of pepper, two sachets of Royco chicken soup, two sachets of beef and onion spice and 36 tins of Nido milk, all valued at K4,481 and belonging to Spar in Choma.
When the matter came up for plea before chief resident magistrate Willie Sinyangwe last Wednesday, Tembo of Kuku, Mwiinga of Chawama, and Nyirenda of Kanyama admitted the charge. However, Bwanga of Garden House and Mwatafwali of John Laing denied the charge.
The three who admitted the charge told the court that they only stole lotion and some spices.
Mwiinga wept as she was narrating to the court what she had stolen.
The court adjourned the matter to a later date for written facts in respect of the three who pleaded guilty.
Bwanga and Mwatafwali were each granted K5,000 bail.