M’membe faces arrest

Fred Mmembe
Fred Mmembe

POLICE have summoned The Post newspaper editor-in-chief Fred M’membe and two other journalists for questioning at Woodlands Police station today over the alleged leaked classified Government information published by the newspaper.
The two others are Kombe Mataka and Mukosha Funga, both from The Post.
Police spokesperson Charity Chanda confirmed the summoning of the three in an interview yesterday.
“I can confirm that the three have been summoned to appear for questioning at Woodlands police station tomorrow (today),” Ms Chanda said.

Ms Chanda could, however, not give details regarding why the three had been summoned, but said the details would be communicated today.
The Post last week published a story that Government procured a loan worth US$192 million to make the country more secure which it was hiding from the public.
The police have instituted investigations in the leaking of information by Government officials to the media.
Ms Chanda said police were probing the people behind the leaking of information to the media.
“We have commenced investigations and anyone who will be found wanting will be prosecuted,” Ms Chanda said.

She said the suspects would be dealt with according to the provisions of the law.
President Edgar Lungu on Sunday said those leaking information to the media were known and they were being irresponsible.
He said the media had professionals who should be able to analyse and evaluate the information they received from their informers because they should also have the best interest of the country in the discharge of their duties.

Meanwhile, two of the four Chinese who were allegedly caught trespassing at a farm in Balmoral area in Lusaka have been charged and have appeared before a Lusaka magistrates’ court.
Lusaka Province Police chief, Charity Katanga said in an interview that two of the accused were charged with criminal trespass and had appeared before Magistrate Aridah Chulu.
Three Chinese men and a woman were allegedly hunting for owls at a private farm on Wednesday night when two were wounded by police in a quest to apprehend them, two others were arrested.
Those that were wounded are still admitted to hospital while the other two appeared in court and the case would come up on May 28, this year.



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