There is urgent need to address hunger &poverty in the country-HH


UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema has called on government to urgently address hunger and poverty in the country by having the right economic priorities.

This came after he toured and mingled with officials and communities in Rufunsa Community.

” Yesterday I continued touring and mingling with officials and communities in Rufunsa Constituency. It is clear there is urgent need to address hunger and poverty in the country by having the right economic priorities. I have seen for myself how you live here in Rufunsa which is quite revealing to me. But your challenges here are more less similar throughout the country. I see these children and some are supposed to go to school this week. But the challenge is how to raise resources for them to have decent education,”

“And by chance if they manage to get into schools and finish their education, it is a nightmare for these children to have decent jobs that will support their families.
As UPND, we hope to produce a generation of children who will aspire for higher things in life irrespective of their background,” read his post on Facebook.

He said government should be able to provide oppotunities that will make communities suceed in various economic activities.

“Never be shy to be livestock farmers, fishermen, bus conductor, tax driver, or whatever you are doing. The government’s responsibility is to provide opportunities that will make you succeed in your economic activities. I know those in PF will ridicule and insult you for being farmers, markeeters, bus conductors, fishermen, etc”

“You and your children probably don’t mean anything to them now that you have given them the vote and they are driving all sorts of expensive vehicles. But real power lies in you the people and to us in UPND, you deserve respect instead of ridicule and insults. We are all God’s people and this country should remain united and peaceful. Citizens must be provided with decent opportunities to excel in life,” he added.