Nevers, Nawakwi & HH should resign, give way to others – Lusambo

MMD Die Hard youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo

Opposition MMD youths have called on Zambian politicians to emulate the morality British politicians have exhibited following that general election.

MMD National youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo is calling upon politicians in the country to particularly take lessons from how UK political party leaders have been magnanimous to resign after losing in an election in which British Prime Minister David Cameron emerged victorious.

Mr Lusambo says political leaders such MMD’s Nevers Mumba, UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema and FDD’s Edith Nawakwi should give way for others to take up the leadership mantle following their defeat in the 20th January president election.


Mr. Lusambo says these leaders should understand that the country is not short of leaders.

Speaking this morning at a media briefing held in Lusaka, Mr. Lusambo has explained that by listing his party’s president among other political leaders that should emulate the British politicians, it does not mean that MMD youths are passing a vote of no confidence in Dr. Mumba.

He however, states that the former ruling party currently needs total reconciliation that should be attained by all party members coming together to convene a convention.



Mr Lusambo says this entails the holding of a convention is currently inevitable for the former ruling party.

He says this is especially that the MMD is still strong and needs all party members that have gone astray under the leadership of Dr. Mumba.

And Mr. Lusambo has hail President Edgar Lungu’s four months in office.

He says MMD youths believe the President is on the right track and should continue leading the country in the manner he has been doing.



  1. I think Bowman has grown up really, the politician who hasn’t tested government position should resign as well. Ask EL to appoint him to a deputy minister position to upgrade his cv

  2. Mr Lusambo U Are JUst A Cat Among Elephants,yo Coments Are Baseless.Did Sata Resign Wen He Lost Several Elections?As Fo Yo Paty,u Will Neva Rule Again Jst Lik Unip.Kip On Tokng

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